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In today's society, web has become the largest market place across the globe.

Located in Spokane, WA we provide websites to businesses looking to have a professional web presence on a budget. We strive for exellence and quality in our product, making sure our customer is satisfied with the end result.

Every website we build is custom coded to ensure each site is as unique as your business. As each project and business is different, you can contact us for a quote with the information below.

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Charie P's BBQ

Built in Febuary 2017 for Charlie P's BBQ restaurant, bar and catering. This website is an informational website including a dynamic menu. Online ordering is being implimented.


VeTrak - Dealer Vehicle Inventory Managment System (DVIMS)

Build started in December 2016 for VeTrak, an inventory management system. VeTrak is to track the location of vehicles as well as giving the status of the vehicle as to wether it is on shop, detail or front line. It can also be used to print out numerous tags and stickers such as key tags, buyer's guides and addendums. VeTrak is continuously being upgraded adding new features to create more efficiency for the dealership.

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